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5 Panel Fridays - A Blank Headwear Blog

5 Panel Fridays - A Blank Headwear Blog

The Weekly Blank 5 Panel Hat Blog.

At Blvnk we take pride in our blank headwear designs.  Keeping our hat fits and fabrics fun, yet functional, requires a good amount of thought and effort.  Our hope is that our little 5 Panel design blog, might shed some light into our thoughts & processes as we build out our Premium 5 Panel Hat Collections.  🤙




The Churchill 5 Panel

Blvnk 5 Panel Design Concept:

Every year around the end of April, the same conversation comes up.  Oh no, the Derby is next weekend and we start scrambling for some ridiculous head covering to hit the track... or more likely our friends bbq with.  The thought eventually hit us, why not make a fun piece that we could ACTUALLY wear, not only to go bet on the Ponies but throughout the rest of the spring and summer... & thus, the Churchill was born.

Blvnk Churchill Blank 5 Panel on girl.

Blvnk 5 Panel Form & Fit:

The decision to build the Churchill 5 Panel on our low profile, 5 panel camp hat silhouette was made to keep this bad boy clean and low for those breezy track afternoons, or on your jet ski adventures... you wild savage. 😉  We went sans liner to keep it as cool as possible for those muggy summer months and the metal eyelets help the Churchill breath even more.  

Blvnk 5 Panel Fabrics & Details:

Seer Sucker of COURSE!  How could we have constructed this magical 5 Panel beast with anything but.  Drawing inspiration from classic Derby tailoring, we drew up this blue & white seer sucker fabric & trimmed it out in various directions.  The front panel is cut vertically along with the left & right side panels.  We bound the Churchill's flat bill at an off angle to give extra depth and feel to front of the hat.  The top middle panels are cut to join angularly in a herringbone fashion to keep things visually interesting.

 Blvnk Churchill Seer Sucker blank 5 Panel Hat with black leather back strap.

The trims include white metal eyelets, designed to blend into the seer sucker while adding strength to this light weight cruiser.  We finished it off with a Black Leather back strap with a gunmetal clasp closure to round the Churchill out.

Hope you enjoyed our first installment of the Blvnk Headwear design blog.  We promise to include some more lifestyle photos in the next post. Obviously launching in the middle of Covid-19 wasn't ideal however we'll be back in the field as soon as restrictions let us get back out into the wild world so we can get back to being part of the stoke. 🤙

Stay safe out there & as always... Refuse to be labeled.

Much love,


~ The Blvnk Design Team

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