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BLVNK MAP Pricing :

As a Blvnk Headwear Wholesale Partner we have a couple rules that we all follow for the good of the Blvnk community.


MAP Pricing - Blvnk is NOT a race to the bottom opportunity.  We require that you keep your online & traditional marketed pricing in line with our MAP pricing guidelines.  This is a community of professionals that doesn’t need to be squabbling over prices online.  This allows our partners (YOU) to maintain solid margins while growing alongside the brand.


UNDECORATED Blvnk Product Guidelines:



  • Acceptable Advertised Pricing is set by the website.  SEE PLANNED SALES CALENDAR FOR EXCEPTIONS



  • Acceptable Advertised Pricing is set by the website.  Your pricing on your physical shelves is as always up to you of course.  However Advertising Reduced or Sale Pricing in Print or Online outside the MAP guidelines will result in the termination of your account.



  • ONLINE: Password Protected / Signed In Account Holders -  You may List at no less than Wholesale Tiered Pricing, you are responsible for relaying these guidelines to your accounts and their adherence to these guidelines down stream.
  • ONLINE: Non Password Protected / Visitor Customers - Quantity Discounts of: 3-6pcs @ 15% Off Retail  //  7-11pcs @ 25% Off Retail  //  12 + @ 50% Off Retail
  • Traditional Print For Wholesale/Decorator Customers: List at no less than Wholesale Tiered Pricing.

  • Quantities 1+ | Discount | 75% Off 
  • Quantities 24+ | Discount | 76% Off 
  • Quantities 72+ | Discount | 77% Off 
  • Quantities 144+ | Discount | 79% Off 
  • Quantities 288+ | Discount | 81% Off 
  • Quantities 576+ | Discount | 82% Off
  • Quantities 1008+ | Discount | 83% Off


We reserve the right to suspend or terminate any account we believe to be in violation of our MAP guidelines at any time.


We keep our partners limited and professional so we can continue to provide a premium blank product at a competitive price.  Blvnk builds ethically sourced, premium headwear, designed with intention.  



  • Feature Blvnk product on your personal/commercial websites.
  • Use the site to help land sales & answer questions.
  • Repost Blvnk Social Media to help drive savvy businesses to your site.
  • Establish what a true Quality Retail Headwear Price is for customer.
  • Sell through your Social Chanels according to the established MAP guidelines.



  • Never list Blvnk product on Amazon (or any other DTC platform) for $1.25 with $10 shipping. (Trixters)
  • Place “Sale” tags or labels on any Blvnk product image or physical item. (Cheapskates)



BLVNK MAP Retail Sales Calendar & Opportunities:


Quantity Discounts of:

  • 3-6pcs @ 15% Off Retail
  • 7-11pcs @ 25% Off Retail
  • 12 + @ 50% Off Retail

Are Always Acceptable For Signed In or Physical Customers.


Single Item Promo Code - Code activated Promotions are Acceptable up to 15% off no more than once per week lasting no longer than 24hrs.  EXAMPLE:  Instagram users get 15% off today only by using Promo Code: INSTA-15


Annual Sale - If your store offers an annual store wide sale celebrating your opening/date of importance you can offer Blvnk Product at no more than 50% off Retail Price* for a period of no more than 7 days.


Thanksgiving/Black Friday-Cyber Monday - you can offer Blvnk Product up to 50% or BOGO Sales


December - up to 35% off or BOGO Sales


December 20th-26th - up to 40% Off or BOGO Sales


*Retail Price is the price set on the website